“I had the pleasure of working with Bryan on several projects and could tell immediately that he had the intelligence and vision to succeed in any facet of the industry.”

Richard Pawelczyk Attorney at Law

“Bryan is creative, hard working, friendly, intelligent, tenacious & wonderful to work with.”

Marci Zaroff  Eco-Fashion Pioneer

““Bryan is great to work with because he has infectious enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and a zest for life that emits from his personality on a daily basis. In my professional career, these attributes are the ones that truly set people apart and ensure that projects become successful. Bryan is consistently curious, dedicated to innovation, and constantly looking for new ways to creatively solve problems. He “thinks big” and is not afraid of taking risks that can lead to big payoffs. Bryan doesn’t give up and puts his heart into each project he pursues. I would be happy to speak with anyone who would like to know more about Bryan. ”

Elizabeth Bowler UC Berkley

Video Portfolio

My peer reviewed research shows data trends indicating that short form video with environmental features increases content retention and emotional response in viewers.

Web Projects

Here’s six green website projects I’ve enjoyed working on.

MarciZaroff.com was a project management job that required a great deal of team direction and technical capability to ensure that this custom coded content system would be serviceable and user friendly.

Metawear Organic entailed logo design and pre launch project management. This also including a site visit to the factory near Washington DC. Thread entailed research and development as well as web deployment and FAQ writing for the nitty gritty of eco-fashion.

I served as the Gaia Foundation communications officer for several months which required business development meetings in Sicily and site redesign as well as the development of a retail native plant website.

WGA required media asset management and extensive color correction for an NYC architect’s catalog of project images.

3d Previsualization

Previsualization is putting an idea or concept into a 3d interactive environment – It’s useful for concepting and modeling prior to a full scale build.

Using previs for casting projects is a cost effective way to get clarity about a project and virtually see what you are talking about. This could be useful for creating prototypes of retail spaces for instance to get an idea of traffic flow. Or designing physical objects to get feedback about how users would engage the design.


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