Tree of Evolution: Nina Wheeler Roberts

Nina Wheeler Roberts provides gardening education in Harlem at the Community Garden. Nina is also in Farm School. More info on ABC did a 90 sec piece on Farm School. You can check it out at:

 Here’s some pictures of the kids she works with and some information about an interesting organization she is developing called Tree of Evolution.

Tree of Evolution nurtures the relationships of human beings with each other and our world, allowing us to remember our true nature of living in harmony and love. We encourage, and provide resources for, scientific and experiential exploration, community ground action, elevated wellness, and art inspired by our world. We join with groups and individuals to create nourishing, vibrant, growing spaces, transforming environments and lives.   

~ TOE ~
A little more info from Nina Wheeler Roberts:
I have been working on various gardens and projects over the past year, and lately I have been developing the larger structure of my organization.  I currently teach ages 6-18, botany, gardening, nutrition and cooking. Tree of Evolution focuses on promoting scientific and traditional knowledge, and nurtures the relationships between people and Earth through our interactions with plants as food.
I see our treatment of Earth, our  disconnection from nature (our food, ourselves, each other, our hearts, our balance, our mother, our earth) at the core of all our 
imbalances . I see a clear solution: get grounded, in self, Earth, and community. I am just beginning this journey myself and aiming to make some positive progress in my communities of people and plants here in the big apple.

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