Brooklyn Greenroof Booth at Union Square

Inger Staggs Yancey has an undeniably cute green roof booth at the Union Square Farmers Market Grow NYC Fest. I got a little slice of the technology from her for a buck and asked her for her first person description of her business.

Thank you for stopping by my booth yesterday and being interested in what I do with green roofs and other green infrastructure.

I founded Brooklyn Greenroof on Earth Day in 2008. Last year I reformed as Brooklyn Greenroof, LLC. The change in legal structure reflects a shift in focus from just designing green roofs to now also installing them. I

This is installation season. We are finishing up one residential green roof installation currently and have two more scheduled to install this month. Next month, we plan to install two more. We bid on many different types of green roofs. Our most unusual upcoming project will be on the new Latter Day Saints Meeting House in Englewood, NJ. Our most common type is the row house roof, whether brownstone or townhouse, and we also have large apartment building and commercial or non-profit clients.

I think both native meadow plantings as well as native sedum plantings have their place and use on green roofs. Note: There are many varieties of native sedum. They are very suited to the extreme climates found on our urban rooftops. But I like to install other native species on rooftops as well to increase the habitat
of local birds, butterflies and bees.

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