NYBG Offers summer classes with Gardener / Writer Ellen Zachos

Ellen Zachos is teaching at the New York Botanical Garden. She is offering two courses – one in Terrace Gardening and one in Backyard Foraging. The audio file link: <INTERVIEW> The file will download as an .MP3 and you can put it on your phone or IPOD or play it on your computer.
In the audio interview Ellen answers these important terrace gardening questions:
1) What sort of water requirements does terrace gardening require that are different than other residential gardens?
2) Do terrace gardens have any particular pests that plague them?
3) What are some of your favorite terrace gardens that you have worked on?
4) What media/soil do you recommend.
5) Any favorite flowers you like to grow on a terrace?

Here’s a link to SIGNUP to Ellens classes

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