New York Botanical Garden Offering Summer Classes

Here’s a blurb from the NY Botanical Garden about classes there this summer and a link to SIGNUP to Gardener / Writer Ellen Zachos classes you can get an audio interview with Ellen about gardening on terraces <here>. The classes are space limited so sign up today.

There’s no place like The Garden for classes that inform, inspire and enrich. And for people on a professional career path in gardening, floral design or landscape design, an NYBG certificate is a prestigious credential that sets them apart. 

Currently we are promoting Summer Intensive Certificate programs in those three areas. These concentrated sessions – beginning July 8th — allow students to complete up to half of all NYBG certification requirements in just two weeks for Gardening…and just five weeks for Floral and Landscape Design!  

We think any current or aspiring gardeners and designers would be interested in this opportunity to fast track their professional development. 

You can learn more about the Garden’s summer intensives here: We also invite you to LIKE or Share NYBG on Facebook at, or follow on Twitter @NYBGAdultEd.

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