Obama: US Should Be Global Leader in Climate Change Fight

Obama’s speech on climate change beckons us to sustainable energy as an antidote to the disruption of levels of carbon pollution. The twelve hottest years in recorded history have occurred in the last fifteen years. His policy requires federal government to use sustainable sources as 20% of energy over the next seven years. He asks for the United States to take it’s place as a leader in renewable energy.

Many reviews in the green sector criticize the speech as too little too late. But there he is on the national stage with a myrid of other issues and crisis calling for attention. Obama is calling for energy independence with a view to transition to sustainable sources for the future legacy of our planet. He bekons for a bi partisan market based solution for climate change. He says the time for tired excuses is over and calls for us to make a political push and be heard. His plan may be modest perhaps but there it is a plan. Solid research, strongly said, a call to new pollution standards for existing power plants and chastening America to rise to the issue of climate change by pursuing innovations.

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