Argotti Botanic Garden

Joseph Buhagiar shares his vision for the development of the garden. Argotti Botanic Garden is a astonishing tourist destination in Floriana, Malta -EU Note the spelling “botanic” rather than “botanical” as this exquisitely curated area is over 100 years old and was named during a period before the use of the word “botanical”. You say tomato I say patato? Not according to Joseph Buhagiar who fiercely guards the historicity and rich heritage of the garden which dates back to 1774.

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Seedless watermelon growing in Malta

Interview with Charles Zahra at the Qali Farmers Market, Island of Malta Tell us about your background in agriculture My family have been working in agriculture for generations. Since a young age I have been frequently visiting the fields to help my family complete their farming chores. On enrolment at university I came across a new undergraduate course in agriculture, I decided to go for it, and have not stopped ever since. What did you think when you saw seedless watermelons for the first time? I believe my customers can answer this question better, In any case let me try to answer about the first time I heard that Australian farmers were growing seedless watermelon. I was reading through literature about the nutritional value of watermelon fruit, when I[…]

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Chinese Serenity Garden

The recent Chinese Serenity Garden restoration in Santa Lucia, Malta is breath taking. It shows a striking integration of ancient form and modern function with high tech solar panels and HVAC units tastefully woven into the fabric of what is a thrilling public space. Ancient Lion modern solar cell lanterns.

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New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden has some exciting new gardening classes for spring starting in March! There are great eco-friendly gardening topics such as sustainable pest control, soil basics, planting pollinator-friendly plants in the garden, and container gardening. Browse beginner and introductory certificate classes here:

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San Anton Presidential Palace and Gardens in Attard, Malta

The Maltese San Anton  Presidential Palace and gardens as well as the garden across the street  at the Corinthian Hotel are exquisite. The palace and surrounding garden date to 1626 and include several fountains, ducks, swan peacock innumerable cats, a kitchen garden and a chapel.The hotel gardens across the way have some great topiary and fountains. For many years it has been customary for visiting heads of state to plant a tree here. If you are in Malta for a few days this is the season for fields of marigolds and a leisurely stroll through a magnificent public garden to enjoy the stately walkways, an orange grove, and ornamental ponds – open for free to the public.

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