Seedless watermelon growing in Malta

Interview with Charles Zahra at the Qali Farmers Market, Island of Malta Tell us about your background in agriculture My family have been working in agriculture for generations. Since a young age I have been frequently visiting the fields to help my family complete their farming chores. On enrolment at university I came across a new undergraduate course in agriculture, I decided to go for it, and have not stopped ever since. What did you think when you saw seedless watermelons for the first time? I believe my customers can answer this question better, In any case let me try to answer about the first time I heard that Australian farmers were growing seedless watermelon. I was reading through literature about the nutritional value of watermelon fruit, when I[…]

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Eco-Fashion: Peace, Love & Makeup ☮❤

For many wanting to maintain their appearance – choosing makeup is a murky subject. This might be in a struggle for purity or even frustration because makeup ingredients are so complex. Enter Peace Love Makeup ☮❤ & Apothecary. Marcie Lakin is an esthetically focused entrepreneur launching a business that some might find to be an embarrassing secret. Marcie has years of experience in two major fashion centers – her perspective has been forged in the fire of freelance work. Let’s face it – this is one of the most difficult industries to maintain a healthy perspective. Ms. Lakin has done her homework on the matter and presents her endorsement of the products she is promoting from experience and study. She is also an accomplished urban gardener. Marcie has a[…]

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Brooklyn Greenroof Booth at Union Square

Inger Staggs Yancey has an undeniably cute green roof booth at the Union Square Farmers Market Grow NYC Fest. I got a little slice of the technology from her for a buck and asked her for her first person description of her business. Thank you for stopping by my booth yesterday and being interested in what I do with green roofs and other green infrastructure. I founded Brooklyn Greenroof on Earth Day in 2008. Last year I reformed as Brooklyn Greenroof, LLC. The change in legal structure reflects a shift in focus from just designing green roofs to now also installing them. I This is installation season. We are finishing up one residential green roof installation currently and have two more scheduled to install this month. Next month, we[…]

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Tree of Evolution: Nina Wheeler Roberts

Nina Wheeler Roberts provides gardening education in Harlem at the Community Garden. Nina is also in Farm School. More info on ABC did a 90 sec piece on Farm School. You can check it out at:  Here’s some pictures of the kids she works with and some information about an interesting organization she is developing called Tree of Evolution. Tree of Evolution nurtures the relationships of human beings with each other and our world, allowing us to remember our true nature of living in harmony and love. We encourage, and provide resources for, scientific and experiential exploration, community ground action, elevated wellness, and art inspired by our world. We join with groups and individuals to create nourishing, vibrant, growing spaces, transforming environments and lives.    ~ TOE ~ A little more info from Nina Wheeler[…]

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Underground Garden in NYC : Interview with James Ramsey

James Ramsey and Dan Barasch have some amazing design work in where they envision an underground garden built beneath NYC. They have recently posted a kickstarter. I got a chance to ask James Ramsey some questions about the project. You can get more info at these websites. or Bryan Ogden: What made you think to put a garden underground? James Ramsey: In working with light redirecting technologies, I realized that there was really no limit to the places you could actually grow plants. As an amateur urban archeologist, I thought about how cool it might be to begin to bring sunlight and greenery to some of our “lost” underground spaces. Bryan Ogden  How does this work sustainably? What sort of maintenance would it require? James Ramsey: It requires maintenance[…]

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Corbin Hill Farm : Vegetables served with Sustainable Sauce

 Corbin Hill Farm offers fresh locally grown vegetables in areas of NYC that are often poorly served by traditional food distribution infrastructure. Additionally they offer a financial model of participation that brings the term “food justice” to mind. In an era of huge corporate food delivered invisibly Corbin Hill Farm offers smiling faces committed to proving a model of growing and consumption that solves many outstanding difficulties. I met with the folks delivering food at Urban Garden Center where they bring the goodness. MG: What is the main goal of a CSA in New York City? CHF: Although Corbin Hill Farm is inspired by the CSA model, we are actually a Farm Share. Unlike most CSAs, we offer flexible membership terms in order to make fresh produce accessible to the diverse communities we serve. Our[…]

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Curb Allure: Street Tree Gaurds

Before Curb Allure Kim Johnson, is the founder of Curb Allure. I was introduced to Kim through Urban Garden Center where Curb Allure is planning a new initiative. Kim’s vision was to start a business that would help protect street trees and beautify the urban landscape.  MG: What inspired you to create Curb Allure? Curb Allure: After leaving the workforce to start a family in 2003, I vowed to eventually start my own business that, in a small way, would make a difference. I got the idea for Curb Allure when I encountered the obstacles of urban landscaping and gardening firsthand. As I was caring for the street tree outside our New York City apartment, I could not find any good solutions to protecting my tree pit – dog[…]

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