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Business Development, Consulting, Pitch Coaching, AI, NLP, Sentiment, ChatBots, Media Production, EU Startup Ecosystem

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I’ll help you to find your innovation and
promote change in your community/enterprise through recent tech advances in communication.


Opportunities to deploy human curated conversational AI for health, education, social and environmental impact. 


Amsterdam Prague Vilnius Budapest Helsinki Malta San Francisco New York Chicago Paris Rome Valencia Madrid

Education, Climate Change, Health, SAAS Products, Digital Media B2B Market – Funded Startup Smes



Skilled in design production and execution. Media Production has included: Cartoon Network, UPS, Coca-Cola, Arista Records, Med Center Direct, FUBU, NYC Parks Dept. University of Malta.  Key job experiences developing urban greening and sustainability media. I also have a  focus on the efficacy of short form video for use in sustainability communication and this puts a new spin on the use of youtube and tiktok.  <link to dissertation>. I have work experience in both the private, public, and non-profit sectors – I’m interested in working at Communication Agencies, Sustainability Think Tanks, Parks Departments and/or in a Corporate Sustainability Office creating media for use in sustainability communication. I’m available to work through the EU Blue Card Program.

“Bryan Ogden is a creative mind that thinks out of the box no matter what kind of project he works on. I have worked with him on numerous projects and he has always been a great creative sounding board that contributes amazing ideas.”

Dennis Kurtz Im VP of Big Spark Music Group and Liv Write Play publishing based in Nashville TN.

“I had the pleasure of working with Bryan on several projects and could tell immediately that he had the intelligence and vision to succeed in any facet of the industry.”

Richard Pawelczyk Attorney at Law

“Bryan is creative, hard working, friendly, intelligent, tenacious & wonderful to work with.”

Marci Zaroff  Eco-Fashion Pioneer

“Bryan is great to work with because he has infectious enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and a zest for life that emits from his personality on a daily basis. In my professional career, these attributes are the ones that truly set people apart and ensure that projects become successful. Bryan is consistently curious, dedicated to innovation, and constantly looking for new ways to creatively solve problems. He “thinks big” and is not afraid of taking risks that can lead to big payoffs. Bryan doesn’t give up and puts his heart into each project he pursues. I would be happy to speak with anyone who would like to know more about Bryan. ”

Elizabeth Bowler UC Berkley

“I worked with Bryan Ogden in 2014. At the time I was directing Thread, a documentary about the fashion industries impact on the environment and human health. Bryan was working with Marci Zaroff, an eco-entrepreneur with a focus on fashion sustainability. Marci played multiple roles in my documentary including producing. Bryan was a positive and very helpful force in blogging, social media and diplomatic relations.”

Michelle Vey Vey Films

“Bryan was instrumental in our business development process centered around virtual worlds. He was able to prescreen our client in China and work with the team to evaluate the hyper development of the industry at the time and further research with the client at the NYC expo.”

Frank Dreyer – Experience Producer and Designer

“I could give the classic testimonial focusing on Bryan’s highly valuable professional qualities. Sure, he possesses a depth of experience that enables his versatile and adaptive knowledge base. Okay, he is a natural maverick who won’t allow fear the chance to challenge or impede his initiatives for change. Yes, his contagious enthusiasm is an energizing force capable of motivating any team. I could go into that, but I’d rather focus on the one thing that really still matters to me after our 20+ years of knowing each other. Simply put, he’s a true friend.”

Karlos Walkes, CEO XiQ