Discovery: Supported a mature security IT company to utilize chip over runs as a vector for further profit. The company was looking for new channels for sales and we indicated first steps. Also connected the R&D Principal to a consulting firm with the specific vertical domain knowledge and associates they need. IT Design: Awarded a …

Dennis Kurtz

Bryan Ogden is a creative mind that thinks out of the box no matter what kind of project he works on. I have worked with him on numerous projects and he has always been a great creative sounding board that contributes amazing ideas. Dennis Kurtz Im VP of Big Spark Music Group and Liv Write …

Jeff Blackwell Sax player for Aerial 2012

We met Bryan very early on in our band’s formation. He helped us tremendously with the development of our sound. He also produced our first video and managed our first Southeast tour. Bryan really got us moving in the right direction!

Frank Dreyer – Experience Producer and Designer

Bryan was instrumental in our business development process centered around virtual worlds. He was able to prescreen our client in China and work with the team to evaluate the hyper development of the industry at the time and further research with the client at the NYC expo.

Michelle Vey

I worked with Bryan Ogden in 2014. At the time I was directing Thread, a documentary about the fashion industries impact on the environment and human health Bryan was working with Marci Zaroff, an eco-entrepreneur with a focus on fashion sustainability. Marci played multiple roles in my documentary including producing. Bryan was a positive …

Elizabeth Bowler

“Bryan is great to work with because he has infectious enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and a zest for life that emits from his personality on a daily basis. In my professional career, these attributes are the ones that truly set people apart and ensure that projects become successful. Bryan is consistently curious, dedicated to innovation, …

Marci Zaroff

“Bryan is creative, hard working, friendly, intelligent, tenacious & wonderful to work with.”


Here’s a short video that shows an award winning pitching short form video that I did recently in Spain at the DES2022. Short vids like this are great to present a snapshot of an idea or concept that can easily describe concepts that might be difficult to wrangle if described by text only.

How to make a short video on sustainability

How to make a short video on sustainability Preface What follows is an easy to understand handbook for the production and publishing of sustainability videos. It incorporates principles from a rubric mentioned in the introduction. This framework was created through researching the success of some of the largest developmental projects in the world. The handbook …


Are you volunteering to build experience or to network or to build relationships for future work opportunities? Are you looking for a job while volunteering? Here’s a list of somethings to ask for from the agencies that you are helping out: Written references. Job Referrals. Equipment use. Travel Expenses. Conference Fees. A Salaried Job. Regular …