Communicating Sustainability Experimentally

Advertising in print media and on bill boards are a predominant way messaging is made . Scare tactics in sustainability communication have been decried.

Unless care­fully used in a mes­sage that con­tains con­structive advice and a per­sonal and direct link with the indi­vidual, fear is likely to trigger bar­riers to engage­ment with cli­mate change, such as denial (Stoll-Kleemann et al., 2001; Lorenzoni, Nicholson-Cole & Whitmarsh,2007) {Complete article)

So rather than creating fear what about engaging curiosity? Wonder? The fear card is easy to play. An interesting new app is being featured in the app store that has operationalized many of the formats used in print ads.  WordSwag. Mixed with some classic use of color and image advice from iconic advertising creator George Lois – and we have the potential for extremely powerful messaging. The challenge is to point to a source of information that provides hope and a sense of togetherness. Perhaps the Obama’s new document on climate change is where we all need to be pointing?