Web Projects

Here’s some website projects I’ve enjoyed working on.

Ninjamoba.com is an ongoing EU based company focused on conversational AI for social impact in health education and climate action.

chatbotboom.com is a demo of conversational AI for ninjamoba LTD.

MarciZaroff.com was a project management job that required a great deal of team direction and technical capability to ensure that this custom coded content system would be serviceable and user friendly.

Metawear Organic entailed logo design and pre launch project management. This also including a site visit to the factory near Washington DC.

Thread entailed research and development as well as web deployment and FAQ writing for the nitty gritty of eco-fashion.

I served as the Gaia Foundation  doing communications and web dev for several months which required business development meetings in Sicily , supervision of interns and site redesign as well as the development of a retail native plant website.

WGA required media asset management and extensive color correction for an NYC architect’s catalog of project images.

Metropolitan Gardening is an evergreen blog I created while living in NYC filled with urban greening. Its archived here for posterity. There’s many many interviews and articles of notable figures in green media.